A Good Joke: The Life and Crimes of Notorious

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A Good Joke: The Life and Crimes of Notorious New Zealand Art Forger Karl Sim by Ian Dougherty. 'A Good Joke tells the story of New Zealand’s only convicted art forger, Karl Fedor Sim (aka Carl Fedor Goldie) and his associates; and provides an insight into the incompetent side of art dealing and the inexpert side of art expertise in New Zealand, Australia and Britain over the past five decades. It is also a reliable guide to many of the hundreds of Sim forgeries in public and private ownership, including works that continue to be traded. A book on some of Sim's forgeries up until his 1986 conviction was published in 2002, butA Good Joketells the full story of his pre-conviction forgeries, and his extensive forgery activities from 1986 until shortly before his death in 2013, which no-one outside of a few close associates knew about until now. Includes more than 200 colour and black and white images. A brand new copy.


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    Dougherty, Ian
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    Saddle Hill Press
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