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The Natural Health Book by Dorothy Hall. Illustrated by Richard Gregory. 'This guide to health through sensible eating stresses the virtues of freshly grown foods and a natural diet. Dorothy Hall believes that every human being is an individual and must be treated as a whole person; that it is important to discover each body's needs and supply them. Then we may attain the happy state that is natural health - our bodies working efficiently, immune to trivial ills, so that we can forget about them and get on with the business of living our lives to the full. The author explains clearly what the various vitamins and minerals do in the body, which ones occur in which foodstuffs,how they keep us healthy and active when properly balanced, and what ills the lack of any one element can cause. She classes good, bad, and indifferent foods by their nutritional values (with some warnings about the quality and processing of refined and packaged foods), and she points out why some foods may be good for some people and bad for others.


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    Hall, Dorothy
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    Very Good
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    Thomas Nelson, Australia
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    Soft Cover
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