Galapagos of the Antarctic. Wild Islands South of

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Galapagos of the Antarctic. Wild Islands South of New Zealand by Rodney Russ and Aleks Terauds. 'This book describes the seven oceanic islands groups to the south east of New Zealand. Starting at the Chatham Islands, and moving eats to west through the Bounty Islands, Antipodes Islands, Campbell Island, Auckland Islands, The Snares and Macquarie Island, this book takes the reader on a journey through a unique part of the world, a wonderland of wildlife galore, unique geology and rich human history. These islands have long been renowned for the biodiversity of their wildlife, from the fantastic megaherbs that grow there, to the millions of penguins and petrels that come ashore each year to breed. But it is not only the wildlife that is of interest on these islands. From relatively young volcanic islands, to ancient remnants of the basement rock that made up Gondwana, the geology of these islands is also fascinating. Each island group also has a story to tell in terms of human history. Most were first discovered in the early 1800s and exploited for their natural resources, but today they they are treasured more for their intrinsic value as wild beautiful places.' The book has very light general wear but remains tight and bright. A VERY LARGE BOOK THAT WILL REQUIRE ADDITIONAL FREIGHT.


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    Russ, Rodney & Aleks Terauds
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    Very Good
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    Heritage Expeditions, New Zealand
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    Goos Plus
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    Hard Cover
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