The Atlas of Train Travel

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The Atlas of Train Travel by J. B. Hollingsworth. 'This atlas of train travel is intended to induce the reader into forsaking modern expressways and airplanes in favour of railway trains, an older and more dignified method of transport. One generation ago we began to be seduced by air travel; two generations ago the automobile began to allure us; but only three generations ago impish doubt as to the proper way in which a gentleman and his lady should travel had scarcely begun to arise - one must take the train! No attempt has been made to cover the nuts and bolts of the railway scene; instead the aim is to convey the character of rail travel in different parts of the world from the sumptuous and smooth to the crowded and inefficient. The descriptions and tales herein, are accompanied by 250 illustrations and relevant maps. The dust jacket has much tape repair and chips but the book remains in a very tidy condition. A VERY LARGE BOOK THAT WILL REQUIRE ADDITIONAL FREIGHT.


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    Hollingsworth, J. B.
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    Good Plus
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    Sidgwick Andd Jackson, London
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    Fair to Poor
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    Hard Cover
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