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Our Family Tree Album. A Blank page template album ready for your family tree to be started. 'Has your family ever kept a central record of facts and photographs, or do you have to keep asking who your ancestors were and where they come from? Is there a photograph of your great grandparents? Did your father or grandfather do National Service, or fight in the War? Keeping an official record can not only be fun, it can be doing the rest of the family a real service. Checking your family tree back two or three generations can be even more fun. Perhaps one of your ancestors was deported to Australia for some trivial offence, and never returned? Perhaps you have Royal blood in the family? It is said that if anyone digs deep enough into their genealogy, they always find a murderer! In completing the details outlined in the following pages individuals will face varying degrees of difficulty; some will have very little trouble going back several generations, while others will draw a blank after perhaps only one generation. To find the answers the obvious line of approach is to work from the known to the unknown, in step by step progression.'


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